Pieter van Veen

Born with a headphone I listened to music from a very young age. During highschool I often played as a discjockey at schoolparties. During this time my love grew for Grooves and Rock/Metal. From Disco-Dance Classics + House-Hiphop + Techno-Triphop + Melodic-Progressive-Extreme Rock/Metal! Quite varied right ? During holidays I played several times as a deejay in Ibiza. In 2004 I started as radio deejay with ROSA FM (now ROSA digitaal). From 2004 until 2009 with Behind The Grooves than on 5 July 2009 the first Progressive X Grooves radioshow was a fact. Now with a complete team!

Robin Youth Rock Brigade

Robin “Youth Rock Brigade”

Robin has metal in her DNA. She inherited this from her father and teammate Roy. Her dad has slight symptoms of metalmania, but Robin has a heavy taste.
Despite an everyday dosis of metalcore and extreme metal for breakfast ? She stays hungry for new bands  ! As long as it shreds, grunts and ignites.  Robin is the
youngest member in our team. She focuses with the Youth Rock Brigade on the youth of today.

Roy Spraakman_Progressive X Grooves radio

Roy Spraakman

Theater lover with one leg into rock music. Got involved and pulled into it with his (formerly long) hair by his radio colleague Pieter van Veen. Also responsible for graphic design and customer relationship management. When his busy time schedule allows, he is also sidekick and presenter at the Rock Café editions of Progressive X Grooves.

Ron Brouwer

Ron Brouwer “Ron’s Brew”

In 1980 I experienced my very first live show ever: that of my favourite comic book heroes KISS in full make-up. The opening act was IRON MAIDEN. The heavy metal gates swung open for me. ‘Stampij’ with DJ Hanneke Kappen, whom I copied during the 27 MC ‘bakkies’ era as Ron Beton, introduced me to lighter metals, in which keyboards played a leading role besides guitars.

Although I appreciate artists ranging from ABBA to ZAPPA – my all-time favourite artist is the multi-faceted cross-over miracle UTE LEMPER – my preferences encompass progressive rock mainly, with its broad spectre of arrangements and instrumentations, unconventional time signatures, melodic vocals and complex melodies.

In 2018 I am presenting my ‘brew’ on five Progressive X Grooves Tuesday evenings. Each ‘Ron’s brew’ radio show will address a clearly defined theme. Never a dull moment.


Henna Dee_Progressive X Grooves radio

Henna Dee (Henna Donk)

Just a joke to sing a song with a friend at the Queensday celebration ? That started Henna her singing career. Henna is inspired by all our sweet Lord has given us. She is full of energy in her singing, dancing and making music. She discovers the beauty in almost any musical style, but her heart belongs to soul/jazz/funk and latin.


André van de Grift

Als jongen van 12 jaar kwam ik voor het eerst in aanraking met disco/soul/funk muziek via de Soulshow van Ferry Maat op Nederlandse nationale zender Hilversum 3. Ik merkte direct dat ik deze muziek leuk en dansbaar vond. Vanaf dat moment ben ik platen gaan kopen die o.a. daar gedraaid werden. Inmiddels heb ik een redelijk omvangrijke platen- en CD collectie met die muziek vanaf de late jaren ’70 tot heden. Daarnaast stel ik sinds 2006 soul/funk verzamel-CD’s samen voor een platenmaatschappij. Sinds 2004 maak ik deel uit van het befaamde radioprogramma Behind The Grooves op ROSA FM, tegenwoordig ROSA Digitaal. Mijn goede vriend Pieter van Veen heeft me gevraagd regelmatig (een gedeelte van) de groovy tracks samen te stellen voor zijn radioshow, iets wat ik met plezier zal blijven doen.